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Revealing Miracles in EVERYONE!

Miracle Academy was founded in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic. God had given us the vision of starting a school. When our daughter Miracle Was no accepted back to the speciality school where had been from K5 through the 5th Grade. When we received the letter in the mail we were distraught and wondered what we were going to do. It was not feasible for us to take her to the school that she was zoned for. As many may not know that sudden changes for a child with Down syndrome can turn their world upside down. Therefore, we knew that was not an option. As I sat in the main office of her former school the next day everyone there could tell by my countenance that I was very distraught. They began making suggestions of other schools that we could take her to and attempts to comfort me. While sitting there God said it's time to launch your own school. I said to the people around me, "I know what we're going to do". "we're going to start our own school, and it's going to be called Miracle Academy"! From that day the plan was put in motion to launch the school. After various meetings, phone calls, etc. Miracle Academy was ready to open in the Fall of 2020. The decision was made to accept Special Needs students and honor IEP's. We also adapted to the concept "If they don't learn the way we teach, we will teach the way they learn". We are honored to serve students from in and around Birmingham and give them opportunities that they are not likely to get anywhere else. We are operating under our 501(c)3 Miracle Mullen Downs Foundation. Therefore all donations we receive are tax deductible.


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Miracle Mullen Downs Foundation

Miracle Mullen Downs Foundation: provides information about Down Syndrome, as well as training parents and siblings on how to handle their "miracle" child. MMF also assists families in getting therapy for their Downs child early and often.
Founding Date: October 23, 2011
•founded by a family that is affected by Down Syndrome
•educates families of children with Down Syndrome
•distributes information about Down syndrome
•undying love for people with special needs.
•strong desire to make lives of Downs children better.
•Vision: to change the lives of families affected by Down Syndrome; by giving them hope, educate parents and siblings on how to adjust and what to do to help their miracle child to excel, assure that children with Down Syndrome get the best of care and that no Miracle child is left behind due to their condition.

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